2016-07-07 14:37:24|来源: AR联盟

JoinPad is an italian company active worldwide since 2010.
Today, it is one of the most advanced companies in the Augmented Reality field, mainly focused on Enterprise solutions, used by international companies such as Siemens and ABB.
Its purpose is to simplify complex processes by developing Context Computing industrial platforms with innovative user interfaces and interaction methods.
The proposed solutions are composed by several technologies patented by the company: object recognition algorithms; location-based services and machine learning applied to predictive maintenance.
JoinPad also developed Arrakis, its own software development kit, to create Augmented Reality applications for mobile devices and smartglasses.
With Arrakis SDK, customers can quickly build their own professional apps thanks to a unique dedicated toolset specific designed for smartglasses. JoinPad’s expertise, grown within more than five years in development on smart glasses, allowed the company to cover typical hardware specific issues such as physical keys mapping, interpupillary distance setup, hands-free interactions and true fullscreen mode.

JoinPad 2010年成立于意大利米兰,是增强现实与虚拟现实领域中最先科技公司之一,活跃与世界范围内。
目前主营在企业解决方案,工业4.0, 已经应用在西门子,ABB等这样的国际公司。
Joinpad 自主研发了Arrakis软件开发工具包,可供手机,平板,智能眼镜的智能硬件设备方便快捷的创建AR应用。感谢Joinpad的 Arrakis的SDK,用户可以快速为自己的智能设备创建专业独特的AR App.
Joinpad 已经在智能眼镜应用领域发展超过5年,这是Joinpad有能力覆盖典型硬件的各种具体问题例如物理按键映射,瞳距设置,免提互动与真正的全屏模式等等。